Is Gran Turismo 7 debuting at PlayStation Experience?

Rumor has it that Gran Turismo 7 might be making its debut soon.Yesterday, Gran Turismo 6 won the Gold Prize award for selling 500,000 copies in Japan. What came off as odd was Kazunori Yamauchi, game designer, producer and CEO at Polyphony Digital (developers of Gran Turismo), wasn’t present to accept the award.

Lead designer, Suichi Takano, and two other developers accepted the award on his behalf and said Kazunori couldn’t be there but said little else to explain why.

PlayStation Experience will take place this upcoming Saturday and Sunday in Las Vegas, NV. So it would make sense why Kazunori couldn’t be there if he is indeed unveiling the latest iteration in the best-selling racing franchise at the event.

Guiseppe Nelva, over at DualShockers, is the man that put two-and-two together in making this prediction. We shall find out this weekend if he is this generation’s Nostradamus.

My Opinion:

I am not the biggest racing fan but it would be wise for Sony to return to the franchise as quickly as they can. Gran Turismo 7 would definitely help the PlayStation 4 library, which is lacking big, AAA games on its platform.

Jason Patrick is an Associate Writer at MONG. He just bought a Chromebook, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. If you’d like, follow him on Twitter.

Source: Giuseppe Nelva’s Dualshockers’ write-up

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