North West Studio Created for Morpheus

If you were wondering if Sony’s Project Morpheus will have some first party games to go along with it, fear no longer, as PlayStation has set North West Studio on the case.

North West Studio is a new English studio especially created for making games for Morpheus, which will operate under the SCE banner. It’s speculated that the layoffs of DriveClub studio Evolution led the way for the creation of the new studio. Not much else is known about North West, since it is in its planning stages at the moment.

My Opinion:

I am glad to see Sony take the steps needed to get Morpheus afloat and keep it that way for a while. This is something that Oculus needs and that Sony has to get a leg up in the VR race. Otherwise, Project Morpheus will end up like the Vita. Still, will you pick up a Morpheus?

Shawn Richards is MONG’s Senior Editor that is beyond ready for virtual gaming. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook

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