The Flock, a Multiplayer Game with a Limited Life Span

Dying in a multiplayer game usually does not have real world consequences. In The Flock, it does.

The Flock is a multiplayer game in which the players play as a monster trying to acquire an item known as the Light Artifact. Obviously, in competing for the item, players will die. But instead of only punishing the player with a respawn clock, The Flock reduces the population of the titular flock.

When the game releases on August 21st for PC, the flock will have a population of 215,358,775. A player death is treated like an actual death, and eventually the flock will become an extinct race. Once the population hits zero, the game will be made unpurchasable. Then people who have purchased the game will be able to participate in a final battle. After that, The Flock goes offline and the flock go the way of the dodo.

My Opinion:

I like the idea somewhat, but I have trouble stomaching paying for a game that will cease to exist in the near future.

Riley Berry is an Associate Writer for MONG who dies a lot in multiplayer games. You can follow him on Twitter.

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