If you’re anything like me, you probably collect something. Toys, comics, replica swords… the list goes on. These things don’t just take up space, though! They decorate our homes and inform people of the things we like. However, as I ran low on shelf space and searched for more traditional decorations, I happened across something unexpected.

Metal. Freakin’. Posters. Intrigued yet…?

Displate‘s 17.7”x12.6” metal posters are slick, vibrant and everything I wanted in a household decoration. Requiring no frames or brackets, these steel works of art stick directly to the wall thanks to the magnetic mount included with every Displate.

As you can see in my video above, simply peel the paper off the back of the magnet, hold it to a clean wall for two minutes and then place your Displate onto the magnet. BOOM, installation over – and now you’ve got an awesome piece of artwork for all of your friends to admire.

“But what designs do they have?” you ask.

You name it! Displate has roughly 1,000 artists lending their talents, providing customers with a bevy of Pop Culture works of art to choose from. Everything from movies, comic books, video games, anime, manga and everything in-between are covered. Do you enjoy Fullmetal Alchemist? Have you played every Resident Evil game multiple times? Perhaps you love the Fast & Furious movies above all else? I fall into the “all of the above” category, so I had to do some serious window browsing.

The posters I finally settled on were based on characters from two of my favorite games of all time: Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) and Resident Evil HD (REHD). The first is Chris Redfield from REHD, originally painted by Eden Design. The second and third were designed as a pair by Barrett Biggers, featuring Cloud and Tifa from FFVII.

They can be pricey though, with each Displate coming in at about $45-$50. I was lucky enough to get in on their Black Friday sale, saving about 30% in the end. Buying three in one go also activated free shipping which, in my case, was a savings of about $25. Although they seem to come from Poland, my Displates got to me within a week and a half – that’s quicker than most of my Amazon shipments!

I’m VERY happy with my purchase and whatever methods they use to print this art onto each steel sheet makes the end result look fantastic. Every poster feels quite sturdy, so they aren’t likely to be dinged or dented. Looking at the back, you’ll find the Production Master’s signature as well as a “hologram of authenticity” sticker.

Not everything about them is great, however. I don’t have any complaints about the posters themselves, but that magnet mount is worrisome. I’m not looking forward to seeing what happens when I attempt to pry the glue off my walls. The website itself is also a little finicky to navigate, as few pieces of art are actually named after what they represent. You can browse specific collections, but that may take some time if you’re searching for something in particular.

All in all, I’m overjoyed by these Displates. They look nice and slick hanging on the wall, and that’s really all you can ask from a nice poster. Combine a great product with some insanely talented artists from all over the world, and suddenly you’re looking at something guaranteed to grow in popularity.

Chris Cobb is an Associate Writer at MONG and loves nothing more than to gaze at walls for hours on end. When he isn’t having a staring contest with Tifa Lockhart, he can be found on Twitter.


    1. I’ve have heard that too. Supposedly because art shouldn’t be something you can “beat”. But he’s completely wrong. I believe there is the potential for art in everything.


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