New Pokémon Figures Gleaming With Cuteness – NY Toy Fair 2017

During the New York Toy Fair this weekend, TOMY has revealed a slew of Pokémon figures, plushies, and costume accessories. By far the cutest and most adorable items at the Pokémon corner were these tiny giant-headed new line of figures and playsets arriving later this year. 

To my disbelief, I kept “oohing” and “aahing” at the tiny figures. These literal pocket monsters stand at around one inch tall, but have the charm of a giant, yet cliche, stuffed bear for Valentine’s Day. Pikachu seems excited to travel with it’s luggage, Flareon is eager to drink some tea, and Cubchoo is relaxing under the sun near the beach – fun little ambiances for the assortment of characters. img_6736

In addition to these creatures are the assortment of the equally captivating playsets. From a garden adventure, house party, and even a forest escapade, the art direction follows seamlessly. Luckily all the figures have small suctions on the bottom to ensure placements are secured.


My personal favorites are the blue-bear Cubchoo and the Forest Escapade playset. Since these are so small and compact, it can become very easy to buy them all and create some exciting scenarios with your Pokémon!

Though exact dates are not finalized, the playset will be available July 2017, and the individual figure assortments will range from July to September 2017.

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