Call of Duty: Extinction Mode Revealed

   Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature a new mode similar to the popular “Zombies” mode when it ships on November 5, 2013.  It is called “Extinction” and will be a sci-fi co-op mode where players have to defeat aliens and destroy their hives.  The news first started to make its rounds when screenshots were leaked over the weekend.  Activision released the official trailer for Extinction Mode today.  

My Opinion:

     I think that it has a lot of promise because of how crazy the Call of Duty fans are.  This also helps bring in a wider audience who aren’t typically into the military shooter games, just like Zombies Mode did.  This will help COD fight against the other sci-fi shooters out there, at least a little bit.  It makes sense why Activision would do this because it can only bring in more revenue; they certainly won’t lose customers for this.  I loved Zombies Mode so I can see myself liking this one as well.

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