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Ubisoft’s Passionate E3 and the Pain of Hostile Takeover

It is easy to ignore that the gaming industry’s corporate skeleton is as cold and stiff as any other. Despite engaging in the business of fun, the ebb and flow of our beloved pastime is dictated not by fanatic devotion or creative passion, but by the unwavering severity of the bottom line. We can effortlessly shrug off this reality as we devour our latest digital escape and confront it when it negatively impacts our experience. It is as easy as flipping a switch. And after Ubisoft’s incredible E3 showing – punctuated by exciting new IP, dazzling reimaginations of known quantities and raw human emotion – it is clear that Vivendi’s continued march toward a controlling stake in the company will rob us of one of corporate gaming’s biggest outliers. This can not be ignored.
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MONG Podcast 169 | In the Wake

Join the podcast crew of Myles Farrington, Adam Leonard and Chris Cobb as they mull and converse over the most topical of news! They touch on the stories of Anthem’s story influences, the Super NES Classic and the horrible thing that is scalping (modern, not old timey), the demos that Harry played of some neat E3 Nintendo games and so much more. They cover it all! Don’t forget the always hilarious, or relatively deep, Thought from Nowhere! Welcome to the MONG podcast, enjoy! Continue reading MONG Podcast 169 | In the Wake

The Surge Review


Deck 13’s latest release, The Surge, creates a grim dystopian future where humanity’s choices places it at the brink of extinction. Through challenging gameplay and grinding level progression, players can enjoy a Bloodborne-like game, with mechs, in this survival-adventure game. Continue reading The Surge Review