Call of Duty: Ghosts Review



I know what you’re thinking “Wow, another Call of Duty…shocker!” Oh but they aren’t done dragging it out just yet. Call of Duty: Ghosts is a brand new arc developed by Infinity Ward. Though the story may be different, the gameplay hasn’t strayed too far from the norm. If you haven’t played any of the Call of Duty games yet or heard of them, they are first person shooter games with an interactive campaign mode and a competitive multiplayer mode and a co-op zombie/survival-esque mode. With Ghosts being the first installment of this newly developed arc, I would say that starting off here wouldn’t be a bad idea as you wouldn’t miss any back story from the previous titles.







In this story, America is on the defensive against an even stronger nation called the “Federation” which has united most of the world’s super powers under one flag based in South America. In the beginning, the Federation acquires control of America’s satellite weapon named “Odin” and uses it against America by laying waste to the major cities forcing the once great nation into a corner. You play through the campaign as Logan with your brother Hesh alongside you and your father as the Commanding officer. After being attacked, the U.S. forces decide to take the fight to the Federation and the rest of the campaign is a struggle to destroy the power house.


The main antagonist is a former Ghost known as Rorke. Classified M.I.A., he shows up in the enemy’s hands, not as a prisoner, but as their leader. He seems to always be a step ahead of you the entire game and he tries to take out his old comrades, the Ghosts.





Overall the campaign was intense. I was at the edge of my seat waiting in suspense throughout the majority of the story. Infinity Ward does not disappoint; they keep the player gripping onto the controller while keeping the action at a long steady climax. As usual the campaign was very hands on and interactive, by letting the player interact with various vehicles and equipment. The character development was very well done, which only amped up the intensity of the gameplay. The story itself was also very well done which was a nice twist to the previous titles. By the end you are left wanting more! But don’t worry, more will be coming (keep watching during/after credits). The graphics really aren’t much to talk about. There wasn’t a notable difference from the recent previous titles.







The gameplay for campaign is very straight forward as all of the previous titles would suggest. There is no open world/free roam and you play through a specific story without any variation in the outcome. I was disappointed to see that they didn’t bring back co-op campaign with this installment. Even though the gameplay was fixed, it did give the player a plethora of equipment and vehicles to use at certain times. The overall gameplay of campaign was very fun and would be worth replaying it at a higher difficulty.


Extinction is a new mode that has been developed for this game and it is similar to survival mode and Zombies mode. However, unlike these modes, Extinction is an objective based survival mode in where you are fighting waves of aliens off while trying to take out their nests. It is very fun to play with friends to see how far you can go. It is very difficult; I haven’t even made it past the second stage. I highly recommend trying this game mode out though.







Now for the multiplayer. The gameplay hasn’t really changed, except for a few new features. One is the knee slide, which is way more fun and more useful than the dive. Nothing beats rock star sliding into a room and blasting everyone in sight, because who doesn’t want to be a rock star? Another change is where the in-game characters call out enemy positions. This is very helpful because not all Xbox Live members have or use their mics and when you are stuck with a team full people without a headset, it is difficult communicate. So they went ahead and fixed that problem by calling out enemy positions; it isn’t just a few times here and there, they actually call out every time an enemy is spotted along with the precise location. That is one of my favorite new features with this game.


Another impressive feature with multiplayer is the maps. Infinity ward has really outdone themselves with the size and detail of the maps. I haven’t seen maps this big since World at War. I’ve been playing for a week now and I am still finding new spots on every map. They also mixed in a few short ranged maps as well.


The prestige has changed quite a bit from the other titles. In Ghosts you level up 10 different characters to level 60. After each character you max out, you enter the next prestige. Though you don’t get to keep the weapons from the previous character, they allow you to keep the squad points, which is the currency used in this game to buy weapons/equipments/perks (similar to tokens in Black Ops). This changes things quite a bit, because you can play through each character whenever you want. The characters are also customizable. You earn new gear, patches, and backgrounds from completing various “operations” (aka challenges).



The Verdict: 8.0 out of 10.0


Overall the campaign was a very intense and fun play through. It will leave you wanting to play the next game in this arc, even though there weren’t any notable changes from previous titles. The multiplayer has added a few new features that shows they are trying to listen to the community on problems with the game as well as mixing it up a bit. Call of Duty: Ghosts still sticks to its shoot em up style of play, so if you’re looking for something new I wouldn’t dive into this title. The only negative criticism I have towards the game is the lack of change in graphics and the fact that it still has that same ol’ Call of Duty feel to it. If you are a long time Call of Duty fan who loves playing through campaign I would recommend renting the title; however if you are a fan of the multiplayer it is worth buying and testing out the new improvements they have made.

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