Crysis 3 Review

Crysis 3 is the third game in a cool franchise of post apocalyptic alien shooters and is arguably the most enjoyable, in my opinion. The Crysis games are not your typical “bro-shooters”, like Call of Duty or Halo, that everyone plays.

Instead, they are a mix of loose storytelling and badass gameplay set in a crazy, and hopefully fake, future on Earth.

The story of the Crysis games is set in the distant future after an alien race has invaded and destroyed most of Earth. Full cities have become forests or gravel wastelands and are crawling with alien predators looking to hunt you down. You do not need to play the previous two games in order to know what is going on in this game because it gives you a brief recap at the beginning; though it makes it more meaningful if you have played them. You play as a character named Prophet who is in control of a cyborg-like body armor suit and are tasked with (you probably guessed it already) saving the world from the aliens. Crysis 3 improves the story from the last game by giving you a sidekick named Psycho to interact with and make you feel much more human. This actually makes the player care more for the story than in the last few games because they no longer carelessly drop you into a level and give you an objective to complete.

The graphics of the Crysis series has been the most talked about part over the past several years. Each time a new Crysis game releases, all people can talk about is how they have never seen a more beautiful game, and this game is no different. Not only is this game beautiful and realistic, but it has some of the most stunning scenes to admire and be a part of. I can only imagine what this game must be like on a super powered PC instead of a PS3.

 photo 131014-0854-51.jpg

I loved the gameplay of Crysis 3 for many reasons. The ability to switch between super strong body armor and an invisible cloak instantly returns in this game and can change any fire fight into a different experience for every player. Sometimes you might feel like stealthily creeping through a level and silently assassinating enemies, or maybe you just acquired a big gun and feel like going in guns-a-blazing with your souped-up body armor; either way it is fun to try the levels differently. Each level is made up of a humongous area, both in length and height. You can creep underneath buildings or climb them, in most cases, which adds to the multitude of options in which you can complete each level. You also have several different weapons in which you can upgrade, as well as body suit upgrades, and different types of ammo for weapons, including your predator bow (which was my favorite weapon by the way).

 photo 131014-0951-45.jpg

The Verdict: 8.0 out of 10.0

This game was honestly just really fun to play. The story is not super enticing, but it is set on a really interesting future version of our planet. The graphics are stunning which was to be expected of a Crysis game. The gameplay is what really pulled me in for my 8 hours of playtime through the campaign mode. I loved trying to beat levels in different ways by using different ammo for my bow, trying to go invisibly under a level, or just turning on my body armor and running up to everyone firing my assault rifle like crazy. If you need a good first person shooter that is different from your typical bro-shooter, this is the game for you. It was exciting from start to finish, and you won’t regret the experience.

One thought on “Crysis 3 Review”

  1. Some say, this is the best Crysis game of the series, and the lead creator/programmer said it himself, they all put their soul into it and believe they got the most satisfaction from this product. when playing the beta, the day it was over, my heart just stopped…i must buy it…


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