Minecraft On Consoles

In the past few weeks without access to Xbox live, I have grown much fonder of a game that I have spent more hours in than any retail game: Minecraft. While this game first came to PC, I never played it for more than an hour at a time until it came to the Xbox 360.

Humble Beginnings

While the PC gamers were having fun killing the Ender Dragon and taming horses, those of us who had bought the new Xbox version of Minecraft were left with the simplest version of the game that had only one type of wood and no exotic mobs.

It was the early goal of the Xbox Miner to make it to the nether, as that was the highest attainable goal in the earliest versions, but the game soon progressed with many updates that added exciting new content.

It was big news when the Xbox Minecraft gained villages and villagers. Not to mention there were new mobs added into the game, Endermen. On top of this, they added in secret strongholds that dwelt deep within the earth that hid libraries and eerie stone hallways. Of course with the advent of the Endermen came a new item called the Ender Pearl. Throwing this item would grant the player the power of teleportation. You could throw the Pearl wherever you wished to appear. While I learned later that this was only the secondary use of the pearl, I did jump off of many mountains with the item.

The End (not literally)

A few months ago the big update came: The Ender Quest. Finally we could “beat the game”. While almost nobody plays minecraft for the quests, it was nice to have a quest to take my mind off of the multiple building projects that were sucking up my time. Needless to say I created a new world, spent hours building a suitable base of operations, and prepared for days for my eventual slaying of the Great Wyrm in the End.

I had hours of fun. Building in Minecraft gives me a lot of satisfaction, even though I usually spend most of my time mining for materials to make my shrines and towers. I can’t wait for the new version of Minecraft that is coming to Next-Gen consoles!

What’s to come?

The newest trailer for the Console version of Minecraft has stated that there will be bigger worlds and bigger multiplayer. I hope that means that the multiplayer will be closer to the PC version, where you can play with any number of people without necessarily being allies. I am most excited for the bigger worlds. That is the one thing that I wished the Xbox version of Minecraft would do as well as the PC version, which features endless worlds. The console versions now have relatively small worlds, which are great for keeping your bearing, but are bad for maintaining resources after extensive mining has taken place in the world.


All in all, I can’t think of a better arcade game I have ever played, and I look forward to playing it even more in the future!

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