Next Tales Game Revealed!

The time has come! The newest entry in the Tales series has been announced! It will be called “Tales of Zestiria” and will be released on PlayStation 3 presumably in late 2014 or early 2015 in Japan. There is no official release date but we know if is coming west for sure.  It was confirmed on the PlayStation Blog that Tales of Zestiria has been announced for both Japan and the west, marking the first time in their history to announce them both simultaneously.   2015 is the 20th Anniversary for the Tales series so this game will be part of the celebration!

Picture from the PlayStation Blog.

As I reported last the last two weeks, they have been teasing the reveal for this game on a teaser website. The teases included gameplay clips and pictures of the previous flagship titles in the Tales series. Namco has updated the site with the title for Tales of Zestiria.

Here is the trailer!

The game will revolve around a fantasy world with dragons in it. The logo for Zestiria shows this by having a dragon over it and the trailer ends with an epic dragon roaring. Hideo Baba, the head of the Tales series, said that dragons represent fantasy and that is the major theme in the game.

RPG Site appears to have translated what most of the text said during the reveal trailer. So here is what they have reported on it:

“The game is led by two newcomers to the series – plucky-looking hero Slay and a girl called Alicia who appears to use a polearm-style weapon in briefly-shown artwork. It takes place on the continent called Greenwood, and features a war between two great world powers, the Highland Kingdom and the Lawrence Empire. Baba also revealed that the battle system of the game was designed through evaluating fan feedback and through surveys. While he wouldn’t be drawn on further details, he did promise fans that it’d be something they could look forward to.”

My Opinion:

This is the most exciting news I have heard since the reveal of the PlayStation 4. I may be a little biased because the Tales series is my favorite series of RPG, but still. I have watched the trailer several times this morning already and each time I get more excited. Based on the trailer it appears that the open world rotating camera angle from Tales of Xillia has been improved. Many fans expressed that they enjoyed the new take on the camera in the series but felt that the graphics for the environments were subpar to say the least. I however did not have a problem with the environments. But after watching the trailer I can definitely tell that there have been significant improvements made. The graphics are absolutely gorgeous! I really like the idea that this Zestiria will go back to the fantasy setting. It has been a while since I have played a good fantasy JRPG since the most recent Tales and Final Fantasy games have been more futuristic with their settings. I know it will be a while before we see this title in the West, but I can’t wait! At least we have the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Tales of Xillia 2 to look forward to in 2014!

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