PlayStation 4 Game Spotlight: Deep Down

     I will be releasing my top six most anticipated PlayStation 4 games over the next several days. These games are not all exclusive to the PlayStation 4 but they will still be released on it. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if a game is on both consoles as long as it is still on the system I will be playing it on. So without further adieu, here is one of my most anticipated games on the PlayStation 4.


#6: Deep Down

     This game looks freaking awesome. I am not fond of the games that Capcom has been releasing lately, but this one has surely put them back on my radar. Deep Down is being described as a dungeon crawler role-playing game and is being compared to the likes of Elder Scrolls and Dark Souls. I watched the reveal trailer back in February when it debuted at the PlayStation Meeting and was instantly intrigued, even though it showed very little, but details have since been released about the game.

     The dungeons that the player will be traveling around in are all procedurally generated, which means that you will never explore the same dungeon twice. Even though it looks like you are in medieval times because you are fighting dragons and in badass armor, you are actually in New York City in 2094. Apparently you will interact with artifacts that send you into the past, and it allows you to explore dungeons and fight monsters such as dragons.

     After a video was released last month, we now know that the games multiplayer capabilities are extremely interesting as well. In the video released by Capcom, it showed four people playing together and all fighting a dragon, which seems basic right? Well one of the players uses a move that completely stops time; stopping both the dragon and all of his teammates. This gives the user a chance to move around and set up his next move, and his teammates a chance to queue up all of their next moves as well. When time finally stops they all release a massive attack on the dragon at once. FREAKING awesome!

     This game reminds me of a mix between games like Skyrim and White Knight Chronicles. The game not only looks fun as hell to play, but the graphics are stunning. It surpasses anything Capcom has ever produced visually. It will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2014 in Japan and has yet to be confirmed for the US; but it will come, it has to.

Does this game make you excited?  Be sure and let me know in the comments below! 

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