PlayStation 4 Game Spotlight: The Order 1886

    I have been releasing my top six most anticipated PlayStation 4 games over the last several days. These games are not all exclusive to the PlayStation 4 but they will still be released on it. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if a game is on both consoles as long as it is still on the system I will be playing it on. So without further adieu, here is one of my most anticipated games on the PlayStation 4.

NUMBER 2: The Order 1886



     If anyone has been following my reviews and blogs lately, you will know that I consider myself a history buff. I have an unhealthy addiction to playing games set in the past, reading about history, and watching TV shows/movies set in the past. The Order: 1886 is EXACTLY the kind of game that makes me stay up at night thinking because I can’t wait to experience it. It is going to be an alternate history story that involves futuristic weaponry and weird creatures. This sounds similar to the Resistance series, but several decades prior to it.



     The Order is being developed by Ready at Dawn, known for a slew of PSP games like the God of War games and Daxter. This will be their first chance to develop their own full blown console game all by themselves. They began work on The Order in 2012, and the game was then revealed at E3 2013. The question remains on whether or not a developer known for PSP games can successfully transition to a platform as big as the PlayStation 4, but I am willingly to bet they will succeed.



     The reveal trailer was freaking awesome. That is as simple as I can put it. It begins by showing four people dressed in armor and wielding guns traveling in a carriage, with one of them narrating in the background. He talks about how it is a new age and they have new technologies (the badass weapons they are holding). The camera then zooms out and shows us zeppelins flying in the sky. Again, this is like their weapons and is something that should not exist during 1886. Their carriage then gets attacked, and all four get out to see what happened. We then get to see that the narrator has a radio on his shoulder; which again is something that should not exist this far into the past. Suddenly whatever attacked their carriage comes running out from the fog towards them. The team opens fire on these unknown beasts with futuristic weapons and then the trailer ends. How can you not be excited after seeing that? It leaves you with so many questions. Like, what are the creatures? How do they have all of this technology in the 1880’s? What is the Order? Eventually we would have all of these questions answered, but not during the trailer that was shown to us.



     Many details about The Order: 1886 have been revealed over the past several months. First of all, it will be a third person action-adventure video game and is tentatively set to be released sometime late in 2014. This can obviously change, but it is the date Ready At Dawn has expressed their hopes for. Apparently the Order is an order of knights that keep the world safe from “half breed monsters”: a combination of animal and man. Several centuries before this game starts, a small number of humans began to take on bestial traits. Humans feared these new creatures and war breaks out. Even though the half breed’s numbers are relatively small compared to the number of normal humans, their animal strength gives them the upper hand in the battle for centuries. Centuries later, King Arthur starts the Knights of the Round Table to fight these monstrous creatures. The Order is still not strong enough to win the war, even after discovering something called Black Water that has the abilities to extend their lifetime and give them healing abilities. Eventually, the Industrial Revolution changes the entire war in the favor of the humans. In this game, the Industrial Revolution happens much sooner than it did in our actual history. Humans are then able to wield lightning guns, magma guns, and fly in zeppelins to help combat the half breeds. The four characters shown in the trailer are all either real historic figures, or relatives of historic figures. Additionally, there is a social uprising going on in the world at the same time of the war that will also make things interesting.



     The story sounds fascinating! I am all for historic games, especially those that change events around and ask us “what if?” I can’t wait to find out more about each of the people in the Order. I can’t wait to hear more of the lore behind the mutation these people underwent. I want to know more about King Arthur and his connection to all of this. I want to learn more about the Black Water and how it was discovered. This story sounds as if it will not be completely told in just one game. The fact that the story spans a millennium means that they can develop more games to tell many different stories around the world at different times.



     Both the graphics and voice acting from the trailer are amazing. Ready at Dawn has told us that the trailer was made completely in the game engine, which means that the game will look just like it, for the most part. This is another example of how beautiful games are becoming. If this is what games are going to look like within the first year of next gen gaming, I can’t imagine what they will look like five years down the road.



     I am 100% on board with Ready at Dawn taking the leap to the PlayStation 4. The premise to their new game sounds exactly like something I will want to play multiple times. The amount of thought that has gone into creating all of the lore and history to the game will make me obsess over finding out everything. The graphics look stunning, which comes as no surprise because they pushed the PSP to its limit with their God of War games. The fact that it is a third person action adventure really excites me because many of my favorite games are in the same genre. You can bet that when the release date is finally announced I will be pre-ordering it right away!


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