PS4 Game Spotlight: inFAMOUS Second Son

I will be releasing my top six most anticipated PlayStation 4 games over the next several days. These games are not all exclusive to the PlayStation 4 but they will still be released on it. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if a game is on both consoles as long as it is still on the system I will be playing it on. So without further adieu, here is one of my most anticipated games on the PlayStation 4.


NUMBER 3: inFAMOUS: Second Son

     Infamous was the one of the great 1st party exclusives that came to the PlayStation 3 when it was struggling and helped it turn around. This time around Sucker Punch gets the chance to release the third game in the Infamous franchise while the PlayStation brand is going strong, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to take it easy and just coast through with Second Son. They are taking chances with gameplay mechanics and making sure the graphics are superb. Sucker Punch has yet to even finish the game, but there are already a huge number of people that are so excited who are waiting until Second Son comes out in order to buy their PlayStation 4s. I, however, am not one of the people who have the will to wait. I will be snagging my PS4 on release night and then will be stuck waiting for another 3-4 months until its release.

     The reveal for Infamous: Second Son happened at the PlayStation Meeting back in February and blew everyone away. The trailer opened up and showed us that it was going to take place in Seattle and then showed one badass dude attack soldiers with his smoke-like powers. That’s right, smoke powers. Gone are the days of electricity powers that we have grown to love. Gone are the days that have us controlling the most unfortunate bike messenger boy known to man. The reveal trailer didn’t show off a whole lot, but it was enough that we all (Infamous fans and new fans alike) rejoiced that next gen gaming was real, and it was coming to the PlayStation 4. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the protagonist has a kickass line at the very end. This is where we also find out that he is played by Troy Baker, the best voice actor in the business.

     We found out later on that the protagonist is named Delsin Rowe. He is a 24-year-old graffiti artist that is going nowhere in life. The story picks up seven years after the good ending of Infamous 2, where some of the conduits survived around the globe. Delsin is one of those conduits; go figure. After the destruction of Empire City, Americans feared what conduits could do, so they formed the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) to protect the major cities across the United States from these “bio-terrorists.” Delsin found out that he was a conduit by accident while helping people during a bus crash and touching another conduit with the power to control smoke. This means that he actually has the power to absorb other conduit’s powers. That probably has me more excited than anything else in this game. Using Cole’s lightning power in the previous two games was fun and all, but after a while it just gets to be boring. The possibilities are endless with Delsin. Later on there was a trailer released that showed a girl named Fetch with the power to control “Neon.” By the looks of it, she can control the neon from the bright lights along the buildings and streets. Who knows what this power will actually allow us to do, but regardless, it looks freaking awesome!

     During the E3 trailer we find out that Delsin absolutely loves his new found powers. This is a huge difference from the previous games. Cole always thought of his powers as a burden and sometimes could come off as being too “emo.” This didn’t hurt the first two games, but I can only imagine that playing as a character who enjoys his power will make it so much more fun. You can tell just how much fun Delsin is having during the E3 trailer at about 1:35 when he flies up into the air and smiles at the camera before falling back down. That little section of the video was crazy. I found myself smiling and laughing after watching it.

     Visually the game looks way above what Sucker Punch was able to do in the past. The motion capture is perfect. You can actually tell that Delsin is Troy Baker, that his brother Reggie is Travis Willingham, and that Fetch is Laura Bailey. Those three are some of the best in the business and I am so glad I will get to hear and see them all throughout this game. The particle effects from Delsin’s and Fetch’s powers look freaking brilliant. They look exactly like what you would expect from a next gen game!

     I cannot wait until this Second Son comes out early next year! It looks like everything I would want from a comic book-esque super hero origin story. The gameplay mechanics have always been fun in this series, and I am sure it will continue to be. Sucker Punch has delivered thus far by making it one of the more graphically pleasing games we have seen shown for the PlayStation 4. This game is going to be a system seller for PlayStation.

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