Strategies in NBA Games

NBA games have been around for quite some time and are lots of fun if you like basketball. In my opinion, they’re much more entertaining than the NCAA basketball games because the players are better and there are more game modes to play. Also, if you’re like me, I know NBA players and teams pretty well so it’s an easy game to play. The reason I’m writing this blog post is because I have been playing NBA 2k14 online a lot these past couple of days and I have noticed a trend. You can also feel free to use some of these techniques if you find yourself playing basketball games online.


Most people who play NBA games online pick one team and stick with them. They don’t alternate teams each game because each team has its strengths and weaknesses. For an example, I stuck with the Miami Heat for the most part not because I like them, but because I know the players and their skill sets. My advice would to be definitely stick with one team and get comfortable with them. If you venture online or play the computer with a team that you aren’t comfortable with, you will find yourself losing more than winning. 


After you’ve picked a team that you’re comfortable with, you have to develop an offensive strategy based on you team’s strengths. This should be relatively easy once you know your team. I encountered teams that relied solely on their posts to drive the offense (Rockets with Dwight Howard) and teams who relied on the guards’ shooting abilities (Spurs with Green and Ginobli or the Golden State Warriors). 


The most difficult part (unless you know a lot about NBA basketball) is trying to figure out your opponents strategy. This either happens immediately or throughout gameplay. For an example, the strategy people typically use with the Spurs is relying on Green for the 3’s, Leonard for driving, Parker for passing/driving/shooting, Ginobli for shooting/driving, and Duncan for rebounding/put-backs. Once you figure out the other team’s strategy you can adjust your team’s defensive settings in order to handle the other team (accessed through the start menu in the coach settings). You can put a constant double team on a player or sag off another player. 


My experiences in NBA 2k14 have been better than expected. The online gameplay is pretty cool and you guys should definitely check it out. This strategy is just a suggestion, but it’s a well-tested strategy and has worked for me so far. 


If you happen to have 2k14 or want to play me in other games, my gamertag is RPattzTwiNerd (yeah, I know. I was 14 at the time of creation so cut me some slack).

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