Grounded at Two Hours

It hurt me to hear about the length of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Game Informer’s cover story for this month discusses the near-final build of the title. In the preview, Game Informer writes that the main mission, without any console-bonus or side missions, runs just below two hours.

Ground Zeroes is currently marked at a $39.99 price tag for a physical copy for current-gen consoles with a digital download being $10 cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, I love Metal Gear, but that price tag is going to be hard to justify. Along with a handful of other perplexed gamers, I can’t help but feel that this business model from Konami is unkind. Some other gamers have taken it to message boards calling out Konami’s “cash grab.”


There have been stellar games running around the same length that were received with open arms. Gone Home andJourney were both two indie titles notorious for their unexpected success. Gone Home had the price of $19.99 while Journey was $14.99. With Ground Zeroes being a big-budget title with open-world elements, perhaps the potential replay value will justify its price tag.


Ground Zeroes plays out like tutorial tech-demo for Phantom Pain. The situation many Metal Gear fans are harkening back to is back in the day where some of us purchased Zone of Enders just for the infamous tanker demo of MGS 2. I confess, I’ve played that demo more times than I could possibly remember. I didn’t even touchZ.o.E until years later. That was almost 13 years ago, so a lot of gamers didn’t expect to find themselves in the same position years later.



Konami intends to release premium DLC for both Ground Zeroes, which many think adds fuel to the fiery controversy that came up today. The success of this prequel will apparently also determine how soon we’ll be getting our hands on Phantom Pain.


Hopefully within the coming weeks we’ll get more opinions of Ground Zeroes that sheds light on the title’s length. It’s a little unfair to judge the title off of one cover story, but it’s also a little unfair to sell a demo-esque prologue to your fans at $40.

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