Grounded is Now Available for All of Us

Grounded, the documentary of the creation of The Last of Us is now available on Amazon Instant Video. The film was initially only for those who purchased the Season Pass for the game, and was only available on PS3. Now, anyone can watch it in HD or SD via any device that supports Amazon’s video service.

With a runtime of 1 hour and 25 minutes; the documentary goes into the design process and inner workings of Naughty Dog as they were crafting their most recent game, as filmed by Area 5 Productions.

Area 5 is most well known for their early work on the 1UP Show, Co-Op, and most recently the Street Fighter 50th anniversary documentary, I Am Street Fighter. [Which you can watch in it’s entirety here on Youtube.] They just recently were funded on Kickstarter for their own documentary series Outerlands.


Source: Amazon Instant


My Opinion

This is a fantastic piece of work. If you have any interest in development and design philosophy, you need to check this out. More importantly, it gives you an open window into the creative processes that brought us one of the best games of last year. So, regardless of your feelings towards documentaries, give this one a shot. You won’t regret it.

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