Minecraft Realms Announced!

We all have had our fun in Minecraft either playing in large public servers or in private worlds, but Mojang is coming up with a fusion of the two.

Minecraft Realms is a subscription based service that allows you to create private servers from the Minecraft game directly. Rather than going through a third party service, Mojang is allowing you to branch off into a dedicated server for a small group of friends and players.

Why it’s awesome

While playing on the PC, it is sometimes difficult to only play with your friends without getting into a large public server; but with Realms you can create and manage a private family server straight from the game for you and your friends.  According to Mojang, this will make managing a server streamlined and much easier for the average person who might not be extremely tech-savvy.

This service is currently in beta and will be released in most countries later this year. For information on pricing for subscriptions please go here.

Brendan Jester is your friendly neighborhood Pokemon master.  You can follow him on Twitter for updates in his monotonousness life.

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