PlayStation Products: Etsy Edition

Fellow MONG editor, Lou Contaldi had the great idea to rile up great Nintendo products being sold on Etsy and make an article about them.  Naturally, I thought, why not PlayStation?

Here’s a list of great handmade items from the talented people who make up the Etsy marketplace.

PlayStation 4 “Light Bar Decals”


Price: $4.76 – $6.81
Seller: Vinyl Infusion
Order Here. 

Get rid of or at least dial down that pesky PS4 light bar with these awesome decals. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes and can even be custom made.

A friend of mine recently complained about how the light bar took him out of the experience while playing Outlast, by filling his dark room with light. These decals cheaply eliminate the issue and they look super neat.

PlayStation 4 “2-Tone Console Decals”


Price: $39.95
Seller: stickerboyskins
Order Here.

Make your all black PlayStation 4 stand out by adding color to it. These relatively inexpensive console decals are available in multiple color schemes and do their part in making your console unique.

PlayStation 4 “Wood Console Decals”


Price: $14.95
Seller: stickerboyskins
Order Here.

Don’t want to go the colorful route? Then opt for these rustic looking, wood decals, which are far cheaper.

What I love especially about these is how much they make the “PS4, PlayStation and Sony logo” stand out.

PlayStation “Wall Decals”


Price: $28.99 – $69.99
Seller: DecorWallDecals
Order Here. 

Spruce up your game room/living room area with these awesome wall decals.

They comes in two different sizes (22″x35″ & 48″x75″) to accommodate for a variety of living spaces.

PlayStation “Cuff Links”


Price: $24.50
Seller: A Bit of Imagination
Order Here. 

Out for a night on the town, dressed to impress? Then don’t leave home without adding these classy cufflinks to that suit jacket of yours.

There’s a variety of cuff links to be found on Etsy but these stood out the most for their more elegant approach.

PlayStation 1 & 2 “Keychains”


Price: $5.00
Seller: Reset Buttons
Order Here. 

Reminisce about the not-so-good-ole days of wired controllers with these cute little keychains.

Some may find these hideous but I dig them for their craftiness.

PlayStation “Earrings”


Price: $19.99
Seller: Pure Sin
Order Here. 

For those of you partial to ear piercings, this is the item for you. Four piercings minimum required.

PlayStation Vita “Pouch”


Price: $30.70
Seller: Knickerbocker Glories
Order Here. 

This pouch specifically designed for the PlayStation Vita is, by far, my favorite item on this list. I absolutely adore the vintage/classic design that went into these, as they utilize patterned fabric such as plaid and polka dots.

Some may find these a bit girly, but screw you and your gender roles.

PlayStation “Coasters”


Price: $14.50
Seller: Rakunsell
Order Here.

Keep that expensive coffee table, damage free with this snazzy set of PlayStation 4 symbol coasters.

I love the clean design but if you’re a fan of a more retro look. Check out these pixelated versions.

I’m sure I overlooked plenty of great items. There are currently well over 1500 items on Etsy that are PlayStation-related. Find something worth sharing? Share the link in the comments below to let everyone know about it.

More of a Nintendo guy? Check out Lou’s Nintendo Etsy article here.


Jason Patrick is a review/editorial writer for MONG, who lives within the PlayStation ecosystem. You can follow him on Twitter.

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