PS4 Update to Enhance “Sharing”

As anyone following the PlayStation 4 knows, the “SHARE” function has become a popular feature of the blockbuster console. Therefore, it should be good news to all PlayStation owners to hear that Sony plans on updating the SHARE feature to add some much needed features.

Coming from Sony’s PlayStation blog, the following improvements have been announced:

  • Rich video editor to personalize clips
  • Ability to share videos and screenshots to a USB drive
  • HDCP off, allowing HDMI capture

A following update in the future, in conjunction with Twitch and Ustream will allow streamers to archive their footage at a beautiful 720p.

More announcements, like dates for the update will be coming in the future.

My Opinion

This news has made my day. Many PS4 “Twitch-ers”, me included, have been vocal since launch about the lack of archiving and the overall poor quality of the streams. This update can’t come soon enough, especially with inFAMOUS coming out this week!

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