Asmussen Leaves Santa Monica

It seems that Sony Santa Monica has lost God of War developer Stig Asmussen. Asmussen was the creative director for God of War III, and had been with the company since 2003.

He had a hand in the previous two installments as well; as an environment artist and then as art director, but did not have a hand in the most recent entry God of War: Ascension. The rumor mill has speculated that he was working on the unannounced project at the studio that was recently canceled that led to the last round of layoffs.

Source: IGN

My Opinion

This is the way things go nowadays. The video game industry has become a much more fluid place recently. As projects are completed, canceled, or somewhere in between; developers move on to other projects and companies looking for the next batch of work. Asmussen did great work with Santa Monica (as GoW III is still considered to be one best in the series,) but he will do great work wherever he is at. It is unfortunate to see talented people leave a studio, but that seems to be the new norm. There is no doubt he will find a new creative outlet, but the question becomes whether he ends up with a large publisher or goes and creates his own studio.  

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