Driveclub Update

Sony has reassured fans that Driveclub is making great progress and hopes to announce a release date for the game soon.


In a press release from VideoGamer, Sony said that despite layoffs hitting Evolution and the director leaving the studio, Driveclub is still coming along quite well. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe stated, “[Driveclub] would like to make it very clear that the development of DRIVECLUB on PS4 is going from strength to strength. The announced studio changes across WWS yesterday have not affected the development of DRIVECLUB or the DRIVECLUB team…. The progress being made on the game is spectacular so we’re looking forward to sharing an update on development, release date and videos of the game in action in the weeks to come. We thank you for your patience and assure you, it will be worth the wait.”


Sony also stated that they have a new game director for Driveclub, which they hope to reveal soon. This comes after the previous game director Col Rodgers left Evolution studios and layoffs hit the European developer.


Driveclub premiered at Sony’s PS4 reveal event and was originally intended to be a PlayStation Plus perk when the PS4 was released but was delayed until 2014.


My Opinion


Driveclub isn’t the biggest PS4 exclusive on my gaming radar, but it did give an interesting look at the racing genre. It was bad to see it delayed and delayed again. Its director and people leaving the studio makes me worried, but seeing that they want to announce more about it soon makes me excited. However, it may have the “Watch Dogs effect” of looking worse from the first time we saw it, so I will reserve any judgement until Sony finally removes the curtain in front of Driveclub.


One last thing, with Driveclub “going from strength to strength”, it is quite possible that it is being developed for Project Morpheus. Just saying….


Shawn Richards studies games to understand how they work. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.



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