Borderlands 2 and New Vita go Hand in Hand

Information about the PlayStation Vita iteration of Borderlands 2 got revealed, including a release date of May 13 in North America with other areas pending. However, the Vita 2000 model also recieved a release date of May 6, a week earlier. Those who purchase the Borderlands/Vita 2000 bundle will have it on May 6, getting Borderlands 2 early.

According to IGN, the highly anticipated port of Gearbox’s best-seller will go along with the “Slim” Vita version, which was released in Japan in 2013 and in Europe earlier this year. The bundle will come with a download code for the game on May 6, the week before it is formally released in the US.


IGN’s Colin Moriarty went in detail about Borderlands 2 on Vita, which will launch with 6 DLC packs. It seems like the Vita version will be a scaled-down port of the PS3 version, with less enemies, missing skylines, enemies that disappear instead of falling and long loading times, although the team with Sony’s Gio Corsi have been working to bring it down to a reasonable level. Framerate tries to stay at 30 frames per second, but can fluctuate from 28 to 33.


Besides technical issues, the Vita version of the game will have it’s own trophy list and the ability to transfer saves from the PS3 version, given PS3 owners download a patch that will release the same day the Vita game is released. Also available is the ability to rebind the controls to different Vita buttons and touchscreens in order to make up for the Vita’s lack of buttons. So, those who are not satisfied with the Vita’s initial controls can change them.


The PlayStation Vita 2000, or the “Slim” Vita, will be the intended home for Borderlands 2 on Vita, seeing that it is slimmer, has a more common USB port, and an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen, extending battery life.


My Opinion


This is both exciting news to me and disappointing news for me. Yes, Borderlands 2 on Vita will be huge and having some DLC with it might actually motivate me to finish the game. However, the fact that it has to be scaled down to fit on the Vita makes it more and more evident that the Vita is not an impressive piece of hardware when it comes to putting console games on the handheld. The ability to put PS3 saves on the Vita will be great, and transferring the trophies are a godsend for trophy hunters. The only problem might be the fact that this game is made to be co-op, and co-op on the Vita doesn’t make as much sense as it does on the PC or consoles. However, if they put it on the PS4….

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