GTA V Releases Capture Creator Mode in Free Update

A few days ago, Rockstar released its much awaited Capture Creator add-on. This new update allows GTA V players to create their very own Capture mode games to play and share with the online community.

Capture mode is GTA V’s take on the classic “capture the flag” style game mode. Players on 2 separate teams will need to capture the opposing team’s “flag” while also dealing with said team’s players. The creator allows you to create your own mayhem filled capture the flag game using any and all parts of the GTA V map. In addition to the geographical freedom, you will also be able to set up pretty much any object as a “flag”. From bags of money to vehicles and even NPC characters, anything can be your target, and so far it has been a blast to play.

With the creator patches always come a slew of new community created games, and this update is no different. If the amount of fun I’ve had so far is any judge, it looks like Rockstar has come up with another winner. If anyone had any reservations still from the rocky launch, this new update has proven that they are dedicated to providing a new kind of multiplayer online experience. With all the paid DLC going around for most games these days, it’s refreshing to see robust, game-changing content that is engaging, and best of all, FREE.

The Capture Creator update is available on both PSN and Xbox Live free of charge.

My Opinion

After playing around in the capture modes for a few hours, and taking a crack at the editor, I have to say I am definitely dropping some more hours into GTA V. The freedom of the race and deathmatch creators was awesome, and the Capture Creator is no different. The sheer amount of different situations you can choose from is staggering. My only gripe remains that I can’t stack things properly, however some players have gotten around this problem with various tactics. All in all, this is another solid addition to the already vibrant GTA V Multiplayer, and will keep most players busy for quite a while.

Mark is MONG’s Lead PC Editor.  Follow his completely average life on Twitter, Facebook, or MONG.

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