Soul Sacrifice Delta Coming in May

Soul Sacrifice Delta will be coming to the United States and Europe May 13th, according to Sony’s PlayStation blog.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is the ultimate edition of Soul Sacrifice” Producer Kumi Yuasa writes, promising “tons of new content and improvements.”

A third faction, a prophecy-shrouded group based on neutrality called Grim, will be making its way into the Soul Sacrifice world alongside the Avalon and Sanctuary factions in the previous title. Whereas faction was a simple good/evil dichotomy in the first game, it is now the “heart of [Soul Sacrifice Delta].” Each faction will have its own strengths, weaknesses and style of play.

New content comes in the way of new Archfiends (boss type monsters), new sorcerers, arenas, spells, quests, and a better character customizer. The AI and graphics engine have also been improved.

All of save data from Soul Sacrifice will carry over into Soul Sacrifice Delta, allowing players to continue their adventures from where they left off.

My Opinion

Soul Sacrifice was an interesting game. On the gameplay side, it was challenging, addictive, and more-or-less fun. It grew repetitive quickly, but the basic hook made it hard to put down. However, the narrative was an absolute mess and what lore was there was squandered in what I assume was a bad translation into the English language.

But, Soul Sacrifice was a cool game with potential, and I’m hoping Soul Sacrifice Delta delivers on what the first game missed out on.

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