MONG’s Weekly Indie Spotlight

This week’s Indie Game Spotlight is focused on The Stomping Land, which is currently being developed for PC by Indie developer Alex Fundora, who has worked on games like Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders.

The Stomping Land is a survival-style game, and before you groan at the development of another voxel-based survival game, please note that this is not your average survival game, and it’s not voxel based! What sets this apart from other survival games out there and in development, (aside from the lack of voxels and zombies of course) is that this game has DINOSAURS.

This game is important for two reasons, one of which is the fact that there are DINOSAURS. The other reason is a DayZ-style multiplayer system where your best bet to survive is to band together with friends to fight off dinosaurs and other players.


There has been a lack of decent multiplayer dinosaur games since Turok, and I believe the time of the multiplayer-dinosaur-survival game has returned with the development of The Stomping Land.    

Some exciting features of The Stomping Land include:

  • Building a campsite to interact with other players in your “tribe”
  • Constructing traps to catch and kill dinosaurs
  • The use of different colored berries mixed together to make stealth body paint
  • Full PvP with other players including perma-death
  • Dinosaur taming and riding
  • Capturing and imprisoning enemy players

The Stomping Land will mainly focus on gathering meat form dinosaurs not only to survive, but to upgrade your “totem”. A totem is the main focus of your tribe, and gives you and your tribe-mates valuable benefits as it levels up. The totem gains its power by players sacrificing their hard earned meat to it. Meat can also be stored in campsites, which in turn has an interesting effect on the rest of the island. As more meat is stored in campsites, dinosaurs will spawn less frequently on the island, leading to a finite amount of resources per map. This will lead to more competition between players and exciting battle over campsites and meat.


Along with survival by any means, player interaction is a central theme for this game, and you will be able to construct primitive weapons to protect yourself from dinosaurs and other players alike. Bolas, bows, and spears are all confirmed so far, and there are more in development. The players’ main job will be to scavenge for food to survive, whether through raiding enemy camps, fishing, or hunting and scavenging dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs will roam the island map freely and fight with each other as they would in the good old days. Players will be able to track dinosaurs in a couple pretty interesting ways. The first way is tracking footprints, which will decay due to changing weather patterns. The second way is through stars.  A pretty nifty system has been set up so that dinosaurs all have their own stars, and if you see two of these stars near each other, it signifies two dinosaurs fighting. This situation presents a great scenario for competition between players as they await the outcome of the dinosaur fight.

The Stomping Land was funded via Kickstarter and made $114,060; $94060 more than its $20,000 goal, so it seems the interest is there. There hasn’t been an announcement of a release date yet, but you can follow the game’s progress here.


My Opinion

As a kid, like most boys I was fascinated by dinosaurs. What wasn’t to love? Dinosaurs were massive, gnarly creatures who had all kinds of spikes, or armor plates, or sharp teeth, who also didn’t have to take baths, or do homework, or be in bed by 8 o’clock.I am so excited for this game. I’ve long been a fan of survival style games where banding together was the only option to be successful. Since my first taste of real risk vs. reward in Ultima Online, I have craved games that put players into situations where they have to trust others to survive. This also brings up the problems of player sabotage and farming spawn zones (think DayZ currently) though that to me is part of the fun. This game has a lot of cool innovation and ideas, and while the current Alpha artwork isn’t amazing (what game’s is) it seems this game will be a solid title. That said, I’m just pretty damn excited to ride a dinosaur.

Mark is MONG’s Lead PC Editor.  Follow his completely average life on Twitter or Facebook.

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