Five Things Zelda U Should Add

Over the years I’ve created the perfect Zelda game in my mind, although I’ve never quite been able to put it down on paper. Today, that changes; well, sort of. The Legend of Zelda is an amazing franchise that many people hold near and dear to their hearts, but it’s no secret that Nintendo has been failing to keep the franchise at a steady high. Here are five things that would propel the Zelda series to greater heights.

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1. Voice Acting

I know what you’re thinking, typical complaint from a fan. I know on various occasions Nintendo has given many (slightly bad) reasons not to pursue voice acting in the Zelda franchise. Come on; how cool would it be over hear local townspeople talking about the terror and havoc Gannondorf has caused. Or maybe Link could build relationships with friends, as one would in a Persona game. Just a thought (a really good thought! C’mon Nintendo!)


2. Time Traveling

One iconic thing in the Zelda franchise that everyone loved was the time traveling aspect in Ocarina of Time. Yet, for some reason Nintendo never returned to it. Seeing how areas and even people changed in Hyrule over the course of 7 years was a perfect way of expressing environmental story telling. It would be awesome to see Nintendo build off of that.

zelda age

2.5.  Aging

On a slightly different note, why not have Link start as a child and through the course of the game you watch him grow into an adult. It would be a long shot, but new ideas can go a long way.


3. Returning Places/Times in Hyrule

Unlike any other company, Nintendo can sell games purely on the nostalgia they bring to people. They need to incorporate that more into Zelda. Everyone likes Easter eggs and throwbacks to previous games. Let me walk into Clocktown, or even Lawn Lawn Ranch once more in glorious 1080p, HD. It would be insanely cool to see a past Chosen Hero fighting off some baddies in the distance. Having the chance to revisit areas we love sounds too good to be true. Nintendo needs to do the unexpected.


4. A Perfect Art Direction

Something Nintendo has always tried to nail (and sometimes achieved) is the perfect art direction. Given the technical strength of the Wii U compared to the Wii, Nintendo finally has the opportunity to give the people what they want.., realism. I personally wouldn’t want to see a Skyrim-style Zelda, but I am in the minority. I also don’t think Nintendo will go that route, even if it is beneficial to them. I’m hoping for a hybrid of the sort, combining the art of Skyward Sword with just a pinch of Skyrim (with plenty of bright flashy colors). It’ll be very interesting and nerve-racking to see how “Zelda U” will look. E3 is on its way!


5. RPG Elements

In Skyward Sword you were able to upgrade your weapons. Sadly, there wasn’t much depth there, or other big changes that followed. I want an upgrade system on a whole new scale. Sure, I want to upgrade my bow & arrow, but I also want to upgrade my horse to run faster, and my boots to jump further. I want Din’s fire to reign over enemies and send them into eternal hellfire! Haha, okay maybe not that serious.

The Legend of Zelda is in desperate need of some new features; something that will add to its core gameplay, and bring in a whole new audience. That’s the goal right Nintendo?

So, what do you think The Legend of Zelda needs to spice things up? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Leave it all in the comments below!


Brett is one of MONG’s newest editors. You can follow him on Twitter @brettnll to hear about his exciting daily adventures!

4 thoughts on “Five Things Zelda U Should Add”

  1. Some great ideas here and I agree with all of them, except for the time traveling and aging concepts. I think a Zelda game could get by just fine without them.


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