Evidence of New Ace Attorney Game Revealed

Capcom has confirmed that a new Ace Attorney game is currently being developed for Nintendo 3DS. Shu Takumi, series creator and director of the first three Ace Attorney games, is at the helm of the project.

Earlier this week, a teaser image from Famitsu was posted by Twitter user @lite_agent. According to a translation by Tiny Cartridge, the game is set in Japan’s Meiji Era. Everyone knows that the Meiji Era is the period between 1868 and 1912, during which Japan transformed from a feudal civilization to its modern form.

Today, Capcom put a trailer on exhibit. YouTube user Bolt2nd has created a subtitled version in case there’s still someone out there who can’t read Japanese. In it, we see Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, who appears to be an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, the main character of the Ace Attorney series. We also get a glimpse of Mikotoba Susato, the “beautiful flower” who could be Ryuunosuke’s new assistant.

A release date was not announced, so Japanese 3DS owners will have to wait a little longer to solve new cases. When asked whether the game would be localized for other parts of the world, Capcom told IGN, “this title is not confirmed in the West.” I guess the jury’s still out on that.

Will the new game live up to the previous titles? Or will Capcom be found in contempt? I’ll wait until the game is released to pass judgment.


No objections. I’ve enjoyed the epic and often hilarious cases of the Ace Attorney games since the original. Given the popularity of Dual Destinies, I would be surprised if Capcom decided not to bring the game to western shores.

Benjamin Luthi is a MONG Editor, specializing in all things Nintendo. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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