Nintendo Celebrates Summer With New Sea Green 2DS Color

The Nintendo 2DS will be available in a completely new color soon: Sea Green.

Nintendo 2DS Green

The Sea Green 2DS will cost the same as the already-existing Crimson Red and Electric Blue colored models: $129.99. Unlike the current 2DS’s black front and back, with red or blue accents, the Sea Green model will feature a white front and back panels with teal accents. The new-colored 2DS will be available to North American gamers to purchase June 6th.

My Opinion:

I like the new green color because it provides a fresh, new look to the 2DS. It seems to provide a more feminine option of coloring for the 2DS, rather than the black-and-red or black-and-blue options (much like the clear purple Game Boy Color, my favorite childhood toy). Similar to the black-vs.-white iPhone comparisons, the Sea Green will be a nice, lighter change against the bolder, darker Nintendo 2DS options.

Audrey Lips is one of MONG’s newest editor. She is currently balancing a Journalism major while secretly hoping to get her Hogwarts acceptance letter. You can follow her TMI posts on Twitter.

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