Question of the Week

Question of the Week: 6/4/14

What “impossible” announcement would you like to see at E3 next week?


Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

I want to see Sony and Microsoft come out in a joint press conference and announce that they are forming a partnership and will make their next console together.  Can you imagine if they combined technologies?  The possibilities are freaking endless.  Also, we could finally end the stupid fan boy flame war.  


Lou Contaldi, Senior Editor:

I’ve done a lot of “dream” E3 announcements, but not impossible ones. If I am trying to think of the most outlandish announcement, it would be that Microsoft is selling off the Xbox division to Nintendo. That way, Nintendo has its third pillar — the Xbox One. But when I said impossible, I meant impossible.


Chad Waller, Editor:

I want Sega to show up and announce Aliens vs Predator 4 helmed by Rebellion. It’s one of my favorite video game franchises (not so much the movies though (blegh)), and I think that studio deserves another shot. Aliens vs Predator 3 was almost the right amount of crazy the series needed, but it lacked balance and some last-minute polish.


Shawn Richards, Editor:

I have four:

1. For Microsoft, I would like to see them showcase another unexpected exclusive franchise. Namely, if they have another huge game that isn’t a shooter coming out from a big developer that is an Xbox One exclusive, I would fall in love and buy an Xbox One. Seeing how games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey didn’t do as well as Microsoft would have liked for the Xbox 360, it would be highly unlikely for them to have another exclusive like it.

2. For Sony, LONG LIVE THE LAST GUARDIAN! If we do see it at E3, I will run into the streets and yell at 5:00 am. This excites me and even though the game has been in development hell, I would still love to see Studio Japan’s love child take the stage. I mean, it has been ONE WHOLE CONSOLE GENERATION since Shadow of the Colossus. I am itching for some Last Guardian. Also, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2. Now with Delsin Rowe, Knack, a Killzone: Shadow Fall map and CRASH MOTHERF***ING BANDICOOT!!!

3. For Nintendo, I just want to see them come to 2014 and not be stuck in the past. I was blown away with the news of the Gamecube controller support for Super Smash Bros., so I have faith that Nintendo is coming around. However, I do have one game idea that would be perfect for the Wii U and will convince me to buy the system: a Pokemon RPG for the Wii U. I could be just a full 3D remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver. Have trading cross edition happen online. Use the gamepad for the backpack and Pokedex. This begs to be done.

4. Half-Life 3. Half-Life 2, Episode 3. Portal 3. Team Fortress 3. Left 4 Dead 3. DOTA 3. Any game that proves that Valve can indeed count above 2.


Brett Medlock, Editor:

I have one, but it’s not too out of the realm of possibilities. I want a Majora’s Mask remake! 3DS or Wii U, I don’t care. This game has a huge following and fans have been clambering for it for years now. I have a feeling Nintendo will say something about it next week. Crossing my fingers!


Steven Shearer, Editor:

I would love for Leslie Benzies – Rockstar North president – to come out at E3 and announce that Rockstar North are making Agent and it will be released this year, exclusively for the PlayStation 4!


Ryan Latuso, Editor:

I don’t think I want anything that is “impossible”. I would like to see some unlikely announcements such at Kotor 3. I would also like to see a PS4 price drop as unlikely as it may be.


Dustin LaRoe, Editor:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d like Nintendo to put all of it’s fabled warchest money into a buyout of the video game divisions of Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo is sitting on what’s rumored to be over $10,000,000,000 in liquid assets. Meanwhile, Sony is selling off parts of it’s company to keep from going bankrupt, despite supernumerary PS4 sales numbers. Microsoft isn’t above making money, either. It could(never) happen.

I’m also in the mood for Microsoft to completely disown Kinect. I think it would be bonkers to drop all pretenses that making the Kinect part of the Xbox experience was a good idea. I’d like them to just admit that, one time.

I would like Sony to announce that their first party games will no longer be sequels to franchises I am not a fan of. I’ve never been into Uncharted or God of War series. I owned all of the first three PlayStations, and the only exclusive games I was really a fan of were the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear franchises. Now those are no longer exclusive to the PlayStation brand. I’m losing any reason to buy a PS4.

I would like Ubisoft to let Assassin’s Creed die off and give us new stuff. I’m happy that they have had success with Watch Dogs. Maybe theycan let Assassin’s Creed rest for awhile.

For EA, they need to figure out a way to make a single sports game that can satisfy everyone. Call it EA Sports 2015 and put in NFL, FIFA, NBA, and NHL leagues. You download the game for free, with a traditional demo match in each sport, but if you want to play individual franchises or multiplayer you would need to drop $30 to unlock that sport. Every year for the next five years, you could pay $20 to update the rosters, plus other DLC like the playoff scenarios, or championship games. This could build up the sports game fan base again, or at least get me to buy some of these games.

For Activision, I guess I would like them to announce another two studios added to the Call of Duty rotation. That would give each team like nearly five full years to craft a new Call of Duty experience. At that point, each Call of Duty game would be different enough with that much development time that I wouldn’t get so bored by it.


Benjamin Luthi, Editor:

F-Zero. I love Nintendo, but F-Zero gets little to no recognition. F-Zero X and F-Zero GX are two of the best racing games of all time, but there have been no new F-Zero games for 10 years now (and the last one was Japan-only). Please give me my F-Zero, Nintendo!


Myles Farrington, Editor:

Nothing’s impossible with IMAGINAAATION! In other words I’ve got nothing. The only things I want are new Destiny reveals and more new title announcements for the PS4. I’m not a hard man to please.


Colin Conroy, Editor:

There are a lot of things that I’d like to see, but probably aren’t going to happen. First, I’d love to see the announcement of Alan Wake 2, but Remedy is still working on Quantum Break, so any new releases in that franchise are likely a long way off. I’d also love to see the announcement of the next Total War game. However, Creative Assembly is still working on Rome II DLC and is releasing Alien: Isolation later this year, so I’m definitely not holding my breath.


Aaron Dobbe, Editor:

It’s quite simple, really: I want to see Sega back in the hardware game. A new successor to the Dreamcast or, better, the Game Gear? It would be equal parts hilarious, unexpected, awesome, and, well, impossible.


Audrey Lips, Editor:

All I ever want is Kingdom Hearts 3. So if somehow, someway, Square Enix was able to say “And Kingdom Hearts is available for download… NOW!” I would die on the inside and go to heaven. Or Halloween Town. Basically the same thing in my book.


Mike Morrissette, Editor:

I would love to see a 2015 release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 and I would love for SE to say that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 will be available this July at the latest. I don’t know how impossible that is, but it’s what I want more than anything and something in my gut is telling me that for whatever it won’t be happening.


Landon Luthi, Editor:

A brand new F-Zero, at least as difficult as F-Zero GX, but with multiplayer online and tournaments.  Also, I never expect to see Mother 3 outside of the US, but would also be blown away if it was announced.


So what impossible announcements would you like to see? Answer in the comments below!

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