A new trailer for NBA 2K15 has just been released starring famed NBA player Kevin Durant!

Also announced today for NBA 2K15 was the KD MVP Bonus Pack, which includes a ton of in-game exclusives such as virtual currency, MyTeam Card Packs, and MyPLAYER Leg Sleeves.

NBA 2K15 is scheduled to be released October 7th this year for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

My Opinion:

Sports games are always guaranteed to be big sellers. Showing this trailer a week before E3, rather than showing it at the convention itself, was a good idea to market towards the people usually playing sports games. All of the press will be focusing on the big title games (Halo, Uncharted, etc.) leaving sports titles with very little limelight. The graphics look great and realistic in NBA 2K14, so I can only imagine how much better they will look in the new game. Plus, you can’t go wrong with having Kevin Durant star in the trailer! #YourTimeHasCome


Audrey Lips is one of MONG’s editors and is currently balancing a Journalism major while secretly hoping to get her Hogwarts acceptance letter. You can follow her TMI posts on Twitter.

One thought on “NEW NBA 2K15 TRAILER RELEASED”

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