Dragon Age: Inquisition Combat Revealed

Today from E3, we got a preview of combat when it comes to Dragon Age: Inquisition. The video came to us via the EA press conference.

According to the speaker, the developers wanted to display the two methods that the player can go about using when it comes to handling combat. The two ways to play will be familiar to veterans of the series: one of which was featured in the Dragon Age: Origins (tactical combat), and the second which received a mixed welcome in Dragon Age II (action combat).

From the looks of the trailer the tactical combat is a true return of the old fan favorite play type from Dragon Age: Origins where you micro manage everything. It’s a very strategic way to play the game that lets you decide where all of your party moves to, as well as dictating what they do.

The action play-type is exactly as it sounds. If it’s anything like the combat in Dragon Age II it’s more button-mash based with different button presses here and there to allow the use of special moves.

To add another layer to the battle dynamics it seems like they’ve added in modular combat. As can be seen in the trailer, attacking a dragon gives you options on what to attack, such as the right foreleg. You won’t just be attacking it in general. It looks like Dragon Age: Inquisition is going to be a return to form in terms of the success and acclaim of Origins.

My Opinion:

Dragon Age: Inquisition appears to be what everyone had been hoping Dragon Age 2 would be. It looks gorgeous and the combat honestly looks enjoyable. I’m not one of the fans of Dragon Age that was horribly disappointed with Dragon Age II, but it was nothing when it came to Origins. I especially loved the tactical combat as well, so I’m happy to see it coming back to us. My body is ready.


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