NHL 2015 Confirmed For 2014 Release

In their press conference during E3, EA revealed that NHL 2015 will be coming September 9th, 2014.

On their website, EA also outlined several key new features for NHL 2015 on Xbox One that we can expect from the game when it is released.

These features include:

  • 12 Player NHL Collision Physics
  • Real Puck Physics
  • Authentic Player & Equipment Models
  • Unprecedented Player Likeness
  • Superstar Skill Stick
  • Authentic Arenas
  • New Commentary Team
  • NBC Sports Game Day Presentation
  • Living Crowds
  • Vision AI

There’s no word on whether these features will be present on PlayStation 4 or not.

NHL 15

The game is slated to release on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3.

NHL 15 3

My Opinion:

It looks like EA has churned out another quality NHL game. It’s hard for me to personally get too excited by an annual sports game. Odds are, they are going to be unremarkable. Occasionally, you’ll get a good one. Hopefully for EA, this will be a standout hit. They certainly are marketing it as such.

NHL 15 2

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