Mario Party 10 Announced for Wii U

Not even six months after the release of Mario Party: Island Tour on the Nintendo 3DS, the franchise is getting a new sequel in the line-up.

Today, following Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event, Mario Party 10 was announced (via YouTube video) as a Wii U exclusive.

Unlike previous Mario Party titles, this one will let you play with five friends — the player on the GamePad will control Bowser as he tries to ruin everyone else’s fun.

Expect new games, new levels, and new ways to play thanks to the inclusion of a double screen.

Mario Party 10 will be coming out 2015.

It was announced earlier today that Mario Party 10  would have Amiibo support.

My Opinion:
Haven’t invested in a Mario Party title since the GameCube… it might be about time to jump in. I’m sure there will be some awesome ideas around the GamePad in the same style as NintendoLand.

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