Final Fantasy XIV E3 English Producer Letter

Earlier today Square Enix held a Live Producer’s Letter for the first time in half English and half Japanese. Though, while it took a little bit of time to get a sizable amount of information, a lot was revealed for the game’s future.

New trailer revealed with a cameo of Shiva at the very end.

The big announcement was the reveal of the Rogue class and the Ninja job stemming from it, both of which are slated to be released in September for Patch 2.4.

Rogue (Screenshot Seen Here)

  • Rogues were once Thieves, but have evolved into rogues. (Thieves will not be in the game)

  • Rogues will be a stealth-based DPS class.

  • Certain abilities will only be able to be used while in the stealth mode.

  • Movement speed in the field will be faster than other classes.

  • Fallen damage will be reduced for this class.

  • The Rogue will use knives and daggers, and their weapons will come in sets akin to the Monk’s weapons.

  • Ability-wise, the Rogue will use a series of poisons.

Ninja (Screenshot Seen Here)

  • Ninja skills will be used in combinations, and each combination will affect the target in different ways. It will be possible to fail a combination.

  • Ninja job AF was shown in classic ninja garb.

Bayohne, the community manager for the English users of FFXIV, facilitated a Q&A with Yoshi-P, director and producer of the game, about some of the common concerns with the game in it’s current state.

2.3 Information

  • An increase in the number of areas accessible will begin.

  • With Frontlines, we will see more areas open up from 1.0.

  • Coerthas will be released hopefully soon, including Ishgard (Hinting that it is VERY close).

  • Super hard battle being implemented for only a title. Brutal mode for the Coil of Bahamut.

  • Powered up version of all bosses. These battles will be the original versions pre-adjustments. For example with Reflashia, the battle will start with a debuff status, where if you move you will instantly die. There will be no hints to the mechanics. There will also be more randomness to the each of the boss’ abilities.

  • These new brutal modes will be a test to see how well received they are.

  • The treasure will be the same in both brutal mode and the original mode.

  • The flags for each version will be the same (lock-outs; I.E. if you enter CoB T2 in Brutal earlier in the week, you cannot access CoB T2 Normal mode in the same week).

  • The original version will have to be cleared before the brutal mode may be attempted.

  • If the interest is there from the player base, these battles will be further expanded on in the future.

  • Shiva will have a very long story arc, and will begin to be introduced in 2.3, but will not be fightable. They made it sound like she wouldn’t even be in Patch 2.4.

  • Personal Housing, is not ready. Private rooms will be released for Patch 2.3, with personal housing coming out before Patch 2.4.


Expansion Information

  • New Tanks and New Healers will be in the Expansion.

  • The expansion will be discussed at the fan festival.


Miscellaneous Information

  • They’re not ruling out the possibility to add more large scale FATEs like Behemoth and Odin, but at the current time there are no plans.

  • Any more Wandering Minstrel battles? Possible for the future.

  • Fan Fest will have special content to be played.

  • More 8-person content is on the backburner behind light party content, and solo content

  • Free Company Goal Lists were spoken about very vaguely, slated for Patch 2.4.

  • Will we ever see a return of unique stats and enhancements on equipment (IE Enhanced Shield Bash; Refresh; Striking +20; etc…)? They explained that it may be time to begin thinking about these kinds of armor and weapon stats. But, they could be difficult to balance for, as balance is very important for the game.

  • Workshops for the Disciples of Hand are currently in production (Screenshot). The workshop will be located in the basement of Free Company Estates, and they will work together to create -something- (airships were hinted, they were also playing around with the idea of creating other large structures).

  • Primals being open world; what happened? It’s still on the list of tasks to do, but they are currently working on having it make sense within the story.

  • Same-sex marriage confirmed. Special mounts are currently being thrown around for having been married.

  • Duals are currently being debated, they understand the want, but they’re not sure if they would really add anything to the experience.

  • After the Novus Weapons, the next step will create a different appearance for the Relic weapon.

Mike Morrissette is one of MONG’s Editors. He also has an unhealthy obsession with The Green Lantern and anything involving Nutella. You can follow him on twitter, or friend him on PSN at HaughtyPride.


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