What is Devil’s Third?

Back in the days of the Wii, Nintendo was still unsure about their “blue ocean”, family only setting. To prove their fledgling console to the traditional console gamers, they announced a Wii exclusive Red Steel, which was a gory, gun-fighting, sword-slashing mess of a game. Fast forward to 2012 — Nintendo, in an effort to bring “core” console gamers back to their platforms, announced the inclusion of big-title third party games, primarily Arkham City Armored Edition, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. And now, at E3 2014, we are getting Devil’s Third.

Devil’s Third is Nintendo’s latest and greatest attempt to bring the hardcore, gory video game fans to what is otherwise considered a kids console. Announced at E3 by Tomonobu Itagaki (Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden (2004)) in an interview with IGN, Devil’s Third is described as an over-the-top third person action game that swaps between gun and sword combat. The game is being developed as a Wii U exclusive by Valhalla Game Studios. Interested yet? Check the video:

The game does not yet have a release date.

My Opinion:
I’m not really sure how to feel. I’ve never been a person to support Nintendo trying to breach into the “serious game” realm — however, Itagaki undoubtedly knows what he is doing and will most likely make a competent action game. I’ll stay on the fence about this thong-and-blood-ridden Wii U title until we know a little bit more about it.

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