New Game From The Maker Of Fez!

After the cancellation of Fez II, Phil Fish has been relatively quiet, but it looks like he’s back in the indie spotlight.

 Polytron is known as the company that helped bring Fez to life, but until very recently it has been quiet about Fish’s involvement with them. However, Fish recently posted on the official Polytron website about a new partnership between Finji and Polytron to create “ an interactive musical landscape anthology” they call Panoramical.

 It was very quickly clarified that Polytron is not to be considered a publisher, but rather as a partner of Finji to help publish the game.

 My Opinion:

 Honestly I enjoyed Fish and Polytron’s work on Fez and think that this new game looks pretty darn sweet. From the trailer the game has some pretty good music and looks very well done. I hope to see more about this game in the future!

Brendan is a writer for MONG and can’t do english two good. 


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