Gender Equality for Rainbow Six Siege Hostages

During E3, Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is in development for a 2015 release. The multiplayer game is the next game of the series following Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in 2008.

The demo presented during E3 showed a five-player team that had to capture, protect, and save a hostage against five other players with the task of thwarting that plan. The hostage during the demo was female.

During an interview with technical artist Oliver Couture, he commented on the hostage of the demo: “We wanted people to want to protect her [the hostage]. If the hostage gets killed a team loses the game, so we wanted players to care about the hostage so that’s the design we chose. But we’re also gonna have male hostages. That’s part of the plan.”


Though the details of the story-line are still unknown, gamers do know that there will be multiple scenarios with both genders that will need saving.

My Opinion:
I think it’s a bit silly that the game artists had to defend the gender of the hostage in the demo. The hostage’s race, height, weight, and anything else that can distinguish her could have been criticized. Regardless of a hostage’s characteristics, I am more than confident that this will be a game of stellar proportions.

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3 thoughts on “Gender Equality for Rainbow Six Siege Hostages”

  1. No matter the gender, people would be talking about the gameplay. Since they had a playable demo at the show floor, people would play the demo no matter what.


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