Possible Zelda Wii U Multiplayer?

The new Hyrule Warriors game has got everyone talking about LoZ and new game mechanics that will come from this fusion of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, including the possibility of multiplayer.

This wouldn’t be the first time Legend of Zelda had a multiplayer game, but it certainly would be an upgrade from Four Swords. One of LoZ’s original developers Eiji Aonuma confirmed in an interview the multiplayer for the upcoming crossover and hinted at something even more interesting. He confirmed that since Dynasty Warriors has always been a multiplayer game, Hyrule Warriors would follow suit, with one player using the main screen and a second player using the gamepad screen to play.

While this is exciting news to every die-hard Zelda fan, the real news was in his teasing quote, “When I was talking back about making Zelda more than just a single-player experience? That’s something you will see in the future, maybe next year.” This may mean that there could be multiplayer on a main game, like the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii U. This would be something new to the franchise and will definitely be something to look forward to in the upcoming years.

My Opinion:

How can you not be excited about this? Legend of Zelda will always be one of my favorite franchises and the only thing I ever had a problem with was fighting with my brother over who got to play. This news is amazing because think of all the new puzzles that could be introduced that require two people and the amount of pure ownage two Chosen Ones could inflict upon a Deku Shrub!

Brendan Jester is a writer for MONG and a total n00b. Follow him on Twitter for, you know, stuff.

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