PlayStation Now Beta coming to Sony Televisions

If you happen to be one of the few to own a Sony 4K Ultra HDTV, then on June 30th you will be able to use PlayStation Now Beta by plugging in a DualShock 3 controller to the TV.

The Beta will have PlayStation 3 games ready to stream and rent without the need of a PlayStation 3 console. As under the Private Pilot Service, the 4K Ultra HDTVs and a few selected 1080p HDTVs will allow the PlayStation Now Beta to run.


For the past few months Sony has had a Beta for PlayStation Now and just recently put prices into the Beta for Beta Testers to rent from. The prices vary from game to game, but as this is a Beta, nothing is set in stone yet. This is the second part of rolling out the Beta before it goes public on July, 31st.

 While the release date for the full service isn’t known yet, Sony has said that it’s likely to come out of Beta by the end of the year.

My Opinion:

This is a cool piece of technology that could change the way we play games, but I really wouldn’t want PlayStation Now to be the be-all-end-all. By streaming games that are intense like Uncharted or Dark Souls, they may not have the precision you need to play correctly, either by controller lag or an imperfect stream. It’s an awesome idea, but it’s not perfect yet. The pricing of the games will be the main challenge Sony will have to face in order for PlayStation Now to work with customers.

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