Pokémon Orchestra Concerts Announced in the U.S.

Yesterday, the Pokémon company announced on Twitter and their website that a live orchestra concert called Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions will tour around the country.

The concert series will include classic Pokémon songs as well as “all-new musical arrangements that will entertain not just Pokemon fans but all music lovers”.

The concert series will premiere in Washington, D.C. in August and have another show in Philadelphia, PA in September. The release also notes that more locations and dates will be announced soon.

My Opinion:
This looks like a great opportunity for the Pokémon series to get another added layer and not only make current fans excited with the series, but might also draw new people in. I am a bit surprised that they only announced two locations and are calling it a “tour”, but the promise of more locations gives me hope and continued excitement. Maybe they’ll play the Jigglypuff lullaby 🙂


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