CliffyB Returns!

Cliff Bleszinski has been very vocal in the gaming community, is he planning on taking a larger role in game development once again?

Cliff Bleszinski (known as CliffyB) made his fame in Epic Games by producing games like Gears of War, but he has spent the last few years in retirement at a enviously young age.

Earlier this week he teased us on his return to the gaming world, but didn’t give us any clues.  However, recent documents from the company Boss Key indicate he may be getting back to the old grind. Boss Key Productions, a newly developing game studio, released incorporation documents that named Bleszinski as the CEO. The former game designer also acknowledged the company in a “Follow Friday” on his twitter last night.

My Opinion:

CliffyB has always been a pretty level-headed person in my opinion and I always viewed his early retirement as kind of a waste so I’m happy to see he’s getting involved in the industry again. It will be interesting to see what Boss Key is working on in the upcoming months.

Brendan sometimes leaves the house on weekdays. Follow him on twitter or something I guess maybe.

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