The BioShock Game the Vita Could Have Had

With Irrational Games gone, we get a glimpse of the ghost of the BioShock game that could have been on the Vita. Ken Levine, the man behind the great hit franchise, announced what the BioShock Vita game could have been if 2K and Sony ever gotten the partnership together.

Levine revealed via Twitter that he would still love to make the BioShock Vita game but cited “lawyers and all that” for it not happening. The game would have taken place before the fall of Rapture and would have had a tactical approach. The gameplay would have been similar to Final Fantasy Tactics.

The game might still happen, as 2K still owns the BioShock IP, however “[Sony and 2K] seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011.”

My Opinion:

If this game came out, I would buy it in an instant. The idea for FF Tactics gameplay with the BioShock world to be set in would be an instant sell for me. Hopefully Sony and 2K can work something out if there is enough buzz about this game. Please, let us have this game. I want this game so badly…. Kickstarter, anyone?

Shawn Richards studies games to understand how they work. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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