Dota 2 Tournament, The International Begins

Dota 2’s 2014 tournament, The International, has launched the first phase of its playoffs. Matches are best out of three rounds, with the losing team being eliminated from the competition.

The playoffs will take place between July 8th and July 14th with the finals taking place between July 18th and July 21st at the Seattle Key Arena.

This year, the prize pool exceeds over $10 million (which exponentially exceeds the prior year’s prize pool of $2.8 million), with $4.8 million reserved for the tournament’s 1st Place winning team. The prize money reserved for the top 3 teams in The International, all exceeds $1 million each.

Viewers around the world can watch The International live on Twitch or on the Dota 2 Website. There is also a Newcomer’s broadcast providing commentary to help ease new players and viewers to the game in understanding the matches and Dota 2’s mechanics

My Opinion:

So much thought has been put into this tournament and believe more eSports events should follow the same format as The International. The tournament is quite welcoming to newcomers to the game while providing multiple ways for viewers to see the tournament.

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