Crytek Crisis Continues

It has been previously reported that developer Crytek UK had been facing financial difficulties and many staff members weren’t reporting to work. This follows reports that the company is struggling to pay its staff. This week, Crytek UK has suffered another blow as more prominent staff members continue to leave the troubled game developer.

According to a report from Kotaku, Homefront: The Revolution’s game director, Hasit Zala,  has resigned from his position. This follows the departure of Crytek UK’s development manager Ben Harris who left the studio earlier this month.

My Opinion:

The Crytek situation is getting worse and I wouldn’t be surprised if Homefront: The Revolution’s quality drops as a result of these continual losses. At worse, the game might be cancelled. Crytek has previously denied that it is in financial troubles however these continual updates about their financial situation and loss of staff members make their claim highly unconvincing.

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