Gigantic Plans to Inject New Life Into the MOBA Genre

Gigantic is a new title coming to us from the fresh-faced development team at Motiga.This free-to-play game has plans in the making that will truly make it a ground-breaking addition to the MOBA genre with how it departs from the “MOBA norm.”

Gigantic is going to define itself from the generic MOBA title in quite a few ways. It will be third-person, sharing that element with the big name title Smite. Beyond the “leveling system per match” and “point of view”, there are few similarities between Gigantic and other titles.

As you can tell almost immediately from the trailer, Gigantic is going to have an art style that makes the game look more like a painted piece or a Studio Ghibli movie (as Leah B. Jackson put it) rather than a game. It’s beautiful, vibrant, and fluid. It’s certainly not going to be confused for a game like League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2.

The second of the many changes noted is that the goal in Gigantic isn’t to destroy your enemy’s base, it’s to destroy their Guardian (either a Griffon or a Dragon). This reminds me of Titan Mode in the recent MOBA Minimum. It really changes the way you play when the thing you’re trying to win by killing fights back in a method more efficient than turrets. Though they haven’t detailed how the Guardians will act, they did explain how the game works around them.


As you kill your opponents or summon creatures (more on that later), your team will fill a power bar for your Guardian. Once the bar is full, your Guardian will depart from the starting area of your team and bee-line for the enemy Guardian. Once there, the Guardian will lay on a smackdown to the other and it becomes the player’s job to do as much damage to the enemy Guardian’s exposed heart as they can before they close it back up.

Guardians have three health bars, so considering that you have to kill the Guardian to win it becomes imperative to work as a team and try your best to take the bar down. There’s a chance to tag one bar of health per exposure, so you’ve gotta work for it. Of course if the other team is paying attention, you won’t get the bar for free.

You’re probably wondering how the characters work at this moment. No worries, I won’t leave you hanging. When it comes to controlling your character, it sounds like they’ll be quite a bit more versatile than people might be used to. On top of being able to play the game with keyboard and mouse or a controller, characters also have additional movement capabilities. Every character will have an expendable sprint meter, as well as a dodging mechanic.


When it comes to actually dealing damage and spreading the pain, your character will have five ways to hurt the enemy. Each character has an auto-attack, a secondary attack, and two abilities. As with most MOBA titles, they’ve also got an Ultimate (called Focus in Gignatic) which is their big bang finisher attack. When you level up, you can upgrade your abilities (three times per) or your passive skills (like movement speed, defense, and attack). There aren’t items to buy in Gigantic, so planning your level-ups really matters. Taking into account your team’s character choices will matter as well…

Why should you care who your teammate is playing? You should care because your abilities can be combined with your allies to make your team all the more deadly. The example given is how Voden the fox archer can lay down a poison cloud which deals damage over time. Just to make that even better, whenever an arrow is shot through the cloud (his or his allies) it will become poisoned and deal bonus damage. Pretty cool, right?


It’s not just going to be the endgame and abilities that are getting an upgrade when it comes to Gigantic; the maps are going to be a whole new playing field (no pun intended). Not only will there be no lanes in Gigantic, but the map will even change dynamically once the Guardians get up and going. When you’re Guardian goes barreling across the map, they’re not going to be paying much attention to the structures in their path. They will trample over things and change the map due to their reckless behavior.

Guess what! There’s more! There will be additional spawn points than just the normal two! In most MOBAs (all that I’ve seen), there are two spawn points on either side of the map — one on your side of the map, and one on the enemy’s side. In Gigantic there will be five, which will lead to something like a point capturing game, they can trade control back and forth. To take a spawn point you have to summon a creature to it and leave it there to protect the point. Of course your enemies can (and like will) try their best to wrest control from your team. Speaking of creatures…


Yes! There are creatures, ones that are more than just minions! At the beginning of the match your team picks five creatures to be able to summon during the match out of the eleven available. As I mentioned, you have to leave a creature on a spawn point to claim it, they’ll guard it with their life. Of course, if you want to take a spawn point, you have to kill the creature sitting atop it.

The creatures aren’t just sub-par AI who swing at the nearest enemy either. All of the creatures have abilities of their own that are normally buffs for their team (or damage over time for enemy players). One example given was the Treant (living, walking, talking, tree-person) who heals up nearby allies.

Again, they don’t come for free either. You have to take the time to summon them and that time varies depending on a few factors; the age of the creature you’re summoning (be it a baby or an adult), and how deep you are into enemy territory (the deeper you are, the longer the summoning).

If Billy Mays were still around (god rest his soul, poor one out for the homie) his mind would be blown at the fact that there’s still MORE variation from the average MOBA formula! Matches in Gigantic sound as if they’re meant to be short. Possibly a mere 15 – 25 minutes each as once the timer hits 15 minutes the game is tossed into “Clash Mode.”


What’s “Clash Mode?” you ask? Well, it sounds like one of the most perfect madhouse of pain and chaos romps that any game could ask for. In Clash Mode a smaller area of the map is opened up and every player, every summoned creature, and the Guardians are tossed into it to go to town on one another. Once one of the Guardians is dead the game is over and you can jump into the game again.


My Opinion:

Yes, so much yes. Gigantic is beautiful and sounds like it’s going to be a massive departure from the MOBA formula and that sounds just awesome to me. Of course we won’t be able to tell just how good Gigantic will be until we’ve seen more, and actually gotten our hands on it, I’m extremely excited. So much so that I can’t even properly convey it all right now. Time will tell and I hope that Gigantic comes out to amazing reviews. I like what Motiga is thinking, needless to say.


Myles K Farrington is sailing the seven internet seas to find all the news you’re jonesin’ for. Keep up with him over at IGN, Twitch, and Twitter as well!

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