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Question of the Week: 7/30/14

What video game would you like to see turned into a movie and why?


Courtney Osborn, Founder & Editor in Chief:

Honestly I can’t really pick one.  I don’t typically like video game movies.  However, I will take a cop-out and say that if you turn any JRPG into an animated film, I’ll probably watch it.  Example: Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike.  I loved that movie and the game it was based on (it was a prequel, but oh well).


Lou Contaldi, Executive Editor:

I know it has been rumored from time to time, but I would be a complete sucker for a BioShock movie. Not Infinite by the way; the good one. The original BioShock’s narrative is one of the best today (one of the reasons it is my favorite game ever made); maybe this is it’s philosophical and political influence, maybe it is the horror elements. Either way, someone needs to make this for me.


Myles Farrington, Senior Editor:

Ahhh… I have no idea, to be honest. There are very few games that I sit back and play and think “Y’know, I wish this were a movie,” the same goes for movies. I just don’t really relate the two in my head. I’m not saying that no video game can be a good movie (or that no movie can be a good video game), I just don’t think about that kind of stuff. I know I’m cheating with my answer, deal with it.


Shawn Richards, Associate Editor:

I think you want me to say BioShock. I want to say BioShock. The overstory is great and the world is prime for a movie adaptation. However, finances at the time made that almost impossible.

No, following a discussion with a friend, I’ve decided that Spec Ops: The Line would be amazing as a movie. Yes, it is like Heart of Darkness, but a movie like that is something people will eat up and something that would be easily done.

Special mention goes to inFAMOUS. Seeing as Marvel and DC are cranking movies out like crazy, a movie around Cole McGrath would be amazing.


Jesse Webster, Senior Writer:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Red Dead Redemption movie. The game had such a great story and the scope of it would be epic. I think if done correctly, the Red Dead Redemption would be amazing. I think the Coen Brothers would do Red Dead Redemption extreme justice. They’ve done a western before with True Grit and a movie that is like a western with No Country for Old Men, so I think they can do Red Dead Redemption right.


Aaron Dobbe, Associate Writer:

I’d love to see a CG Fire Emblem movie. It’s got all the ingredients for a great video game-based movie: a history of interesting, strong characters, an expansive mythos (so the movie can be its own story rather than a hyper-condensed adaptation), a combat focus with potential for epic set-piece battles… I think it’d be very difficult to screw up. I absolutely loved Fire Emblem Awakening’s FMV cutscenes (as rare as they were) and would be really excited to see that visual style expanded to a full-length feature film.


Andrew Lee, Associate Writer:

I never really thought about video game movies in depth. However, I can say I am looking forward to the Uncharted movie coming 2016. Give me something that resembles the old Indiana Jones and I’m happy.


Audrey Lips, Associate Writer:

I would say Kingdom Hearts, but I know better with Square Enix’s history of movies (just, just awful). So, with that being said, I would love to see a Bioshock or Fallout 3 movie. I’ve noticed with Hollywood cinema lately that there’s a trend of making movies that distrusts the government and promotes anarchy in some sense (The Purge: Anarchy, for example). So, these two games would be perfect for that theme!

For Bioshock I was thinking that Bioshock: Infinite would make a better blockbuster hit than the original Bioshock. I feel that the character Booker DeWitt would make a great action main character, and Elizabeth a great “damsel in distress.” I fell in love with the story for this game, combined with the action gameplay this game could make a great movie.

As for Fallout, who doesn’t love a 1950’s-esque nuclear end of the world? The concept is just so appropriate for all those World War Z zombie, end of humanity movies that are so popular today.


Benjamin Luthi, Associate Writer:

Balloon Fight!

Just kidding.

I think if done correctly, the Legend of Zelda could have a great movie. There’s a ton of material to work with, and the characters are all (more or less) human. I think it would probably have been done already if the Super Mario Bros. movie wasn’t so unpopular.


Chad Waller, Associate Writer:

Call it a copout answer if you want, but Warcraft has enough lore behind it to fill a movie out. The problem with that answer is a Warcraft movie is already in the works. Blizzard aren’t always the best at telling a story, but they’ve always done a brilliant job when it comes to creating a world and filling with with interesting people and places. The Warcraft world is one hellova sandbox to play in, and I’m actually quite hopeful for the movie being worked on.


Darius Purse, Associate Writer:  

Give me a Hotline Miami movie.  Make it super violent, retro feel to match the game

and a killer soundtrack.  Maybe add in some time travel elements a la Edge of Tomorrow to match the feeling of playing the game and dying constantly.  Obviously the film would rely on style more than story.  I beat the game and I’m still not sure exactly what the story was.


Darwin Leuba, Associate Writer:

Picture this: Trapped in a labyrinth, you fend for your life. Ghosts attempt to hunt you down. You’re starving, collecting food as you go. Off in the distance, you see cherries. You haven’t eaten cherries in a while. You race to collect it, but another ghost chases you. You never stop running. Off in the distance, you see a larger dot of food. You eat it and feel different. You have the power to bust ghosts. Your time in this labyrinth will soon come to an end. You… are Pacman.


Dustin LaRoe, Associate Writer:

Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. (The Movie)


Harry Loizides, Associate Writer:

I don’t know why but The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess keeps coming to mind. The duality between the worlds, and the varying types of characters could become a good action movie with a semi-love story, and of course the valiant hero.


Landon Luthi, Associate Writer:

I usually go far out of my way to catch a great zombie flick.  Unfortunately, I think the Resident Evil movies suck.  They lack in creativity, unlike 28 Days Later or Shaun of the Dead.  The story of Resident Evil in the games is a far greater experience than the lackluster script of the films.  That being said, I believe that someone out there has the ability to make an amazing movie following the events of Left 4 Dead.  I hear that J.J. Abrams is making about everything these days.  Maybe a zombie movie is exactly what he needs to let me forgive him for Cloverfield.

When I was a teenager, I thought that the greatest game to movie idea could have been Duke Nukem.  Thank goodness that it never happened, because Duke would have looked like a tool with an eastern European accent.

And let’s be honest, the single player campaign of Grand Theft Auto 5 is basically a 40 hour movie.  Let’s not turn amazing titles into something that will make us all hate on them.  If cheap hollywood executives think that they absolutely have to fix a game by turning it into a movie, then let’s give them something that couldn’t possibly get any worse, like any of the Call of Duty games that take place after Modern Warfare 3.


Mike Morrissette, Associate Writer:

Okay, here’s my gripe with video games turned into movies — it’s a step backwards. So, ideally, I would like to see no video game turned into a movie because video games, in theory, deliver a better experience. Think about it, why do we turn books into movies? Because it adds a visual element to something that was previously only text-based, we give it imagery. Why do we turn comic books into TV shows? Because we can then bring a human element into the story, we can take an inanimate story and breathe life into it. Video games already do these things, so why do we need to do the same thing again?

I’m a firm believer that video games are the ultimate art form. If you think about it, it is the only medium that emcompasses all artistic aspects and adds one that the other mediums cannot, the artistic element of the player. Movies take the player out of the equation, thus knocking the level of depth down a notch, why would we ever want to do that? Not to mention there has never been a decent video game-to-movie movie. There just hasn’t been one yet, at least not something that has mass appeal.

The closest I want to see of a video game made movie is something like Heavy Rain. Cinematic video game experiences are the way of the future, mark my words.


Patrick Garrity, Associate Writer:

Honestly none of them come to mind.  I’m torn on this topic.  Most video game movie adaptations are bad & here’s why.  A movie is generally 2h15min long or around here.  Video games today to play the story is anywhere from 8 hours to 60 plus hours to finish the story.  Movies are stories.  I don’t feel these fields belong in bed with each other.  I mean lets face it with video games today, we have paid voice actors & movie quality video games, there’s no need for this.  Tell me how they are going to recreate The Last of Us movie in 2 hours?  So much will be cut & it the damn game was a movie itself.  Leave this alone!  There is one I liked & that was Resident Evil the first one.  It had some elements of the franchise but went a different direction & was ok.  


Ryan Latuso, Associate Writer:

I’m interested in The Last of Us movie because of how much I loved that story. Other than that, Video games don’t have a good history of converting to the big screen and I’m not sure that is going to change anytime soon.


Scott Deisner, Associate Writer:  

This idea is dependent entirely on a quality director using the most basic details of this game in a movie.  Infamous is the name that comes to mind, but I would prefer if they kept the commonalities between games and movie limited to plot devices such as “The Ray Sphere”, the names of cities, the names of factions, and maybe similar powers.  Infamous stands to turn out like a good (or bad) Marvel/DC film.  

When game inspired movies have tried to build themselves on too many likenesses in the past, they mostly come out a hot mess.  


Shaun Fales, Associate Writer:

I would still really love to see a BioShock movie happen. The stories that could be done would be epic and the visuals of a city under see would be breathtaking. Hopefully we get something like that in the near future.


Tyler Bartlemus, Associate Writer:

With Disney now in control of the Star Wars licence and creating new movies in the universe, I would love to see one of the spin-off movies be based off the Knights of the Old Republic era. The history, lore and characters established in the KotOR series are definitely rich enough for new stories to be created. Heck, if Mass Effect, another game by BioWare, is getting a movie, why shouldn’t KotOR get one too?


So, what games would you like to become movies?


4 thoughts on “Question of the Week: 7/30/14”

  1. As a complete CG affair I think the Wipeout series would make a great high-octane futuristic racing flick. WaveRace would make for a great cleavage filled,teen angst, low-budget, summer throwaway. Big budget – Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Yakuza, Halo, Metroid. BAD IDEA – any other classic Nintendo franchise would be nil impossible to pull off (although I’d be first in line to see a Zelda movie lol)


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