BioShock Coming to an iDevice Near You

2K Games announced that they will be transporting the world of BioShock to the Apple iOS devices later this summer.

Since the Apple iOS devices do not have inherent controllers, the gameplay interfaces are bound to be hindered. In addition, the graphics will be altered so that they can be optimized on an iOS device as compared to more powerful hardware.

IGN was able to get a preview build and offered this tid-bit of the gameplay: “The framerate appears to clock somewhere below 30 FPS, noticeably slower than console versions, but movement doesn’t feel chuggy.”

To compensate for the controlling abilities, 2K confirmed that there were various minor modifications to aid with aiming so that the gameplay can balance itself out.


Though there is no definite price yet, 2K has confirmed that it will be a “premium” single purchase. Furthermore, BioShock will only be compatible with 4th generation iPads and iPhone 5 or higher. The 2K representatives confirmed that there are no current plans for the game to go to Android.

My Opinion:
This is a nice little surprise. Though this could open the BioShock door to many new players, I am cautious that they might not get the amazing experience we are all hoping for. With different controllers, lowered visuals, and a possibly cluttered screens, this could very well be a flop.

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