PlayStation Plus Lineup For August

August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup Is On It.

The month of August is here and the PlayStation Plus Lineup is hot.  Two games will be free the day they release on PlayStation Store,  Road Not Taken on PS4 and Metrico on PS Vita.  But that’s not all, there’s more.

PlayStation 4 owner’s will also receive Fez.  Fez is a puzzle game that has you jumping a pixelated 2D levels in a 3D world.Road Not Taken is a strategy type game where you maneuver through the levels as efficiently as possible with on a limited amount of stamina while saving lost children.

PlayStation 3 members will receive Crysis 3.  Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter with stealth combat and multiplayer.  If you’re big into multiplayer there is a new mode available called Hunter that has 2 players vs a team of CELL agents, with a goal of turning them into followers.  Also on PlayStation 3 is Proteus.  Proteus is an exploration gamewhere you explore an island that is also creating itself as you play.

Lastly, PlayStation Vita owners will be receiving Metrico, a puzzle platformer and Dragon’s Crown.  Dragon’s Crown is a action RPG with beautiful graphics and great multiplayer, you can even play Cross-Play on the PS3.

All of these games will be free to PlayStation Plus members starting August 5, 2014

My Opinion:

I’m happy with this month’s PlayStation Plus games. I will snag all of these.  I strongly recommend getting PlayStation Plus if you own any PlayStation device.  It’s not expensive and totally pays off.

Patrick Garrity is a Jersey native who loves video games and enjoys the industry.  He loves rum and wants to be a pirate one day.  Follow him on Twitter.

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