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SteamWorld Quest Review

Full Steam Ahead

The SteamWorld series has never been one for complacency. What once started as a tower defense franchise, transformed into a procedurally generated platformer, metamorphosed again into an XCOM-lite adventure, and changed once more into a Metroidvania adventure. This time, SteamWorld Quest wonderfully reinvents the franchise into a turn-based roleplaying card game that’s as fun as it is endearing. Continue reading SteamWorld Quest Review

Vampyr Review

A Spoonful of Blood Helps The Medicine Go Down

In a refreshing sense of the times, Vampyr is an intriguing new interpretation of the vampire mythos. While struggling to keep a plaguing London afloat (or not), the choice is yours to make all the while deciding the fates of your fellow denizens of the city. Though there are some technical problems throughout the game, Vampyr presents captivating RPG-mechanics and alluring storylines that many can sink their teeth into.  Continue reading Vampyr Review

Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new gameplay video, provides first look at stealth

Warhorse Studios has released new gameplay footage of Kingdom Come: Deliverance at Gamescomshowcasing the RPG’s polearm weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and classic medieval swordplay. Additionally, the footage provides the first-ever glimpse of the game’s stealth mechanics. Continue reading Kingdom Come: Deliverance gets new gameplay video, provides first look at stealth

Something Big is Coming From Deep Down

In a pleasant surprise, more news about the formerly dark project Deep Down has come to light. Following the news two weeks ago that Capcom is indeed still working on Deep Down, an interview with producers Yoshinori Ono and Kazunori Sugiura done by Famitsu led to some new information regarding Deep Down’s release and a tease of something big. Continue reading Something Big is Coming From Deep Down

Citizens of Earth Review


Do you make corny jokes? Can you motivate friends, family members, and total strangers to follow you around the world? Are you able to coordinate fierce battles with strange yet humorous monsters? If so, I’m placing my vote for you as Vice President of Earth in the new game, Citizens of Earth! Continue reading Citizens of Earth Review

Spiders Announces RPG Technomancer

Don’t worry, arachnids have not tossed their tiny water-droplet hats into the video game development ring. Spiders, the development team behind Bound By Flame, has just announced their next project, the sci-fi fantasy RPG Technomancer. Continue reading Spiders Announces RPG Technomancer